What Coins are In Your Pocket?

What Coins are In Your Pocket?

Do you have coins, old gold, silver, artwork or antiques laying around? You may be surprised at what you really have!

Did you know that prior to 1967 in Canada and 1964 in US most coins were minted in silver? As silver price got higher, the value of metal got actually higher than the face amount of the coin. The same thing happened to copper pennies. Now a pound of copper pennies is worth more in scrap than the face amount. The design of silver dimes and quarters are pretty much the same as they are right now.

There is some difference in Queen Elizabeth II bust. It changes on coins as she gets older. You can still find silver coins in your pocket change. To the bank or the store it is still worth the face amount, however at Tecumseh Gold Exchange located on the corner of Tecumseh Rd and Lesperance you can cash in on those silver dollars, dimes and quarters as well as 50 cent pieces for several times the face amount.

Some old coins are so rare that you can get hundreds and even thousands of dollars for them and most people don’t even know it. If you have a collection or stockpile of old coins, please bring them in.  We sort them free of charge, and we will offer you instant cash for your coins.

A lot of countries in the world had silver coins, not only Canada or the US. These coins are also very valuable but totally useless in Canada but valuable for its silver content. Whether you have Canadian, US or world coins, we make sure you get top cash for your collection.

Article By: Andy Nowicki of Tecumseh Gold Exchange – Proudly Servicing  Windsor, Tecumseh, LaSalle, Harrow, Amherstburg, Kingsville, Lakeshore, Belle River, Essex, Tilbury, Leamington, Chatham and much more.

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