go green by selling gold

Go Green With Gold

There are many reasons why people go green and sell gold. The first obvious reason – people go green and decide to sell gold when they need cash. On our home page gallery section you can see how a little amount of gold can bring you a lot of money. Money that can be spent on a vacation, car, boat, paying bills etc. There is million ways to spend money. But while you are selling your gold, you also save the environment and protect natural resources. That’s right. Gold is like any other recyclable commodity; just it is worth a lot more.

The gold mining process is extremely devastating to our environment. Big digs deplete local area residents of ground water as well as pollutes it. Some may argue that all mining is devastating. But keep in mind when mining copper, iron, and coal or even grovel and sand, all of that is used in everyday life. Gold on the other hand is mostly used for frills (jewelry) or by central banks as reserves. Some gold is used in making electronics, and some people like to buy gold bullion as investments. There is only so much gold available. Latest figures indicate that since the beginning of time there was only about 172,000 tonnes of gold ever mined. To visualize this, imagine a cube that has sides approximately 20 meters long or two bars roughly the size of an Olympic pool.

The good news is, that gold has been recycled and reused ever since it was discovered many years ago. Coins, jewelry, and other wares were melted, refined and made into new coins, jewelry and wares time and time again.

Let’s keep a good thing going, recycle your gold and save the environment.

By: Andy Nowicki @ Tecumseh Gold Exchange 

Photo by: Tessa Sheremeta

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