Do you take large amounts of Gold?

Yes we take large amounts of gold, however please call first to make an appointment.

Do you take small amounts of Gold?

We take any amount of gold, even less than 1 gram.

How fast can I get my money after the transaction?

You get instant cash settlement.

What makes you the highest payout Gold buyer in Windsor Essex County?

Unlike national loan chains, pawn shops or jewelry stores we mainly focus on gold buying. Therefore our overhead is very low so we can pass the savings to customers. We will beat cash offered by our local competition. IF WE CAN’T BEAT IT, AT LEAST YOU WILL KNOW YOU ARE GETTING THE MOST FOR YOUR GOLD.

Do you make house calls to buy Gold?

If you have a large amount of gold or if you are willing to host a gold party, we sure will make a house call.

Can I bring different types of Gold in one visit?

You can bring all kinds of gold, silver, old coins, old banknotes, watches, costume jewelry and whatever else you want to sell. We will sort it out and give you cash offer on all your things.

Is there a time frame I can come back to reclaim items I sold?

All sales are final, you can not buy back your items.

Do you lend money in exchange for items?

No, we are not pawn shop. We strictly buy, but our cash offers are much higher than any pawn shop.

Do you buy metal like brass, copper and cast iron?

Yes we buy brass, copper, and good cast iron. We don’t buy steel, lead, aluminum, or other non precious metals.

What is your appraisal process on determining the payout?

First we sort gold or silver content and then we weigh it and pay accordingly.

Do you sell jewelry at your store to the public?

We have a small selection of refurbished gold and silver jewelry and we sell through internet or in our shop.

How long have you been in this business?

We are operating as Tecumseh Gold Exchange since 2011, but we have been in gold and diamond business since 2002.

How do you determine white Gold prices?

White gold price is the same as yellow gold.

Do you buy diamonds and other stones?

We buy diamonds but we do not buy color stones.

What do I need to sell you my Gold and other stuff?

You need to be over 18 years of age and have government issued ID.

Can you give me pricing over the phone, on social media, or email?

In order to give you a proper offer, you have to bring your item to our shop. We need to determine what exactly you have, weigh it and only then we can quote you a price.

Do you buy broken or scrap Gold?

We buy any kind of gold or silver, good or broken.