What Coins are In Your Pocket?

What Coins are In Your Pocket?

Do you have coins, old gold, silver, artwork or antiques laying around? You may be surprised at what you really have! Did you know that prior to 1967 in Canada and 1964 in US most coins were minted in silver? As silver price got higher, the value of metal got actually higher than the face amount… Continue reading

Jeweler Melting Gold Scrap Gold

What Happens With Scrap Gold?

A lot of people are asking me the question "What happens with scrap gold?" The first step is to bring your scrap gold to a place like Tecumseh Gold Exchange. We can recycle your scrap gold a few different ways. At Tecumseh Gold Exchange we purchase good condition jewelry, we recondition them to make it look like… Continue reading

picture of bling

Is The Price Of Bling Too High?

First answer that comes to mind is: yes! What makes that little thing cost thousands? Most of us think, that price of gold makes it bling cost big bucks. True, but it is only part of it. Jewelry is all about fashion and design. Fashion changes rapidly so there are new designs every year. Sexy… Continue reading

go green by selling gold

Go Green With Gold

There are many reasons why people go green and sell gold. The first obvious reason - people go green and decide to sell gold when they need cash. On our home page gallery section you can see how a little amount of gold can bring you a lot of money. Money that can be spent on… Continue reading