Tina Franchuck

Was hesitant at first but when I went to the shop the owner was very nice and professional. In the end I got a nice amount of money (larger than expected) and bought myself a new dress. Continue reading

Terry Strong

For a hobby I collect silver and gold from old electronics I take apart in my garage. I brought it all to Andy at Tecumseh Gold and he gave me nice buck for it!! It was a very easy process and I appreciate his honesty. Continue reading

Jessica Green

After I did my spring cleaning I went to TGE and basically dumped my entire jewelry box onto the counter top. I had stuff that I inherited and stuff I had since a little girl, all which was broken and damaged. To my surprise it was worth a nice amount. I will be back again… Continue reading

Louis Kingston

I called Tecumseh Gold Exchange to see if they would buy a large sum of gold I had collected since I was a young man. In a heart beat they said bring it over to us and I got the cash literally 10 minutes later. Very fast service, and a handsome payout. Continue reading